Who am I?

I’m not sure what to tell here, so below are some random facts.

What do I do?

Here is another list of some of the things that I do or have done in my spare time.

Which tools I use?

For an overview of my skills and experience, some research methods that I’ve implemented are listed below. As I mostly use R, some of the methods are appended with corresponding R packages and functions that I’m familiar with.

  • Parametric Hypothesis Testing stats::shapiro.test stats::t.test stats::aov stats::TukeyHSD
  • Non-parametric Hypothesis Testing stats::wilcox.test stats::kruskal.test stats::ks.test stats::fischer.test stats::chisq.test
  • Ordinary linear regression stats::lm
  • Generalized linear regression stats::glm
  • Ordered logistic regression ordinal::clm MASS::polr
  • Panel data regression plm::plm lme4::lmer
  • Structural Equation Modelling lavaan::sem
  • Random Forest randomForest
  • Model training caret
  • Multiple Imputation by Chained Equations MICE
  • Propensity Score Matching Matching MatchIt
  • Differences in differences
  • Spatial autocorrelation spdep::moran.test spdep::localmoarn
  • Point pattern analysis spatstat::ppm
  • Clustering stats::hclust stats::kmeans
  • Factor Analysis stats::factanal psych::fa
  • Principal Component Analysis stats::prcomp stats::princomp psych::principal
  • Text mining procedures quanteda tidytext tm
  • Sentiment analysis quanteda
  • Text modelling quanteda.textmodels topicmodels::LDA
  • Satistical plotting igraph ggraph dendextend corrplot pheatmap semPlot
  • Interactive plots plotly heatmaply networkD3
  • Spatial data manipulation and plotting sf raster maptools

What have I been involved in?

The timeline below provides a concise overview of my recent life, mostly regarding education and work. My academic profile is available in ETIS.

Student, Estonian University of Life Sciences

September 2018 — present

PhD studies in agricultural sciences. My research is focused on the evaluation of socio-economic impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Advisor, Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs

May 2017 — December 2017

Summarising policy practices and other work in the context of Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Analyst, Estonian University of Life Sciences

February 2016 — present

Involvement in various applied research projects in agricultural and rural policy

Student, University of Konstanz

October 2014 — February 2015

Exchange studies in politics and public administration

Student, University of Tartu

September 2013 — June 2015

Master of Arts studies in comparative politics

Conscript, Estonian Defence Forces

July 2012 — May 2013

Military service in Combat Engineer Battalion

Student, University of Tartu

September 2009 — June 2012

Bachelor of Arts studies in government and politics

How did this site come to be?

So about this site. It’s mostly a portfolio but also a blog where I post anything I find worth sharing. Some of the posts contain methods that I sometimes need a quick access to (e.g. when installing a new system).

This is a static site. All content is written in markdown markup language in plain text. Resulting markdown files are then fused together by Jekyll with formatting and theming as specified by portfolYOU template. Well, to some extent, because I’ve customized the template to my own taste. The site files are pushed to GitHub which also takes care of building and hosting this site.

Before the current design, there was also a first version.